January 30, 2006

Illustration Friday: Glamour

Wide Eyed Girl - black ballpoint pen and watercolour pencils

When I think of Glamour its always of decades gone by - especially images from the 40's and 50's

Who has time for that now?

Nowdays, there are lots of fashionable people but fashion is just a passing moment and glamour to me is an attitude, a look, something that cant be bought, Sexy, sultry but ladylike, never tacky or artificial.

IF sketch 1 - glamour

she reminds me of a 70's disco glam chick

January 24, 2006

Fig Heaven!!!

My parents got back from a weekend away in the town Orange (about 3hrs drive from sydney) and they suprised us with a huge box of gorgeous figs!!
Yummo!!! I was in Fig heaven!!
they were the largest and tastiest figs ever.
yesterday I popped out to the local deli and bought a chunk of ricotta cheese ( another favourite ingrediant ) so I could have with the figs - sprinkled with sugar or honey - delish!!!
it was really good so I had some for morning tea, lunch and for an afternoon snack
I took a pic of Peter with the figs

January 21, 2006

Illustration Friday: Cats

When the latest Illustration Topic came up as Cats, the first thing I thought was how ecstatic my friend Melissa http://melissaconnolly.blogspot.com/ was going to be - she loves drawing Cats!

I have never had a cat and I must admit I dont like them much, but I know my friends who have Cats as their furry babies adore them!!

I thought Id draw a mother cat enjoying her kittens on a sunny afternoon

January 16, 2006

Illustration FridayE is for.....ELEPHANT

My eldest son Peter who is 3yrs old just loves Elephants!! so I HAD to draw one as
E is for Elephant!
this is acutally a drawing of Peter's pull along Elephant ornament that sits on the tall boy is his room.
Decluttering day....

Im sitting in my very organised study that until yesterday so cluttered that closing the door and ignoring the whole mess was the only way to tidy up!
Andrew and I got to it yesterday when the boys were asleep. I just didnt know where to begin but Andrew took charge and wow what a difference - books on the bookshelf, magazines in place, craft supplies in order!! It looks amazing!
Im hoping it will encourage me to be more creative and to get back into reading again!

January 15, 2006

Ok this is kinda weird for me - Im jumping onto the blogging bandwagonive wanted to blog for a while now but never got round to setting it all up butIve just signed up to www.illustrationfriday.com so I was kinda pushed into setting up this blog spot as i need a space to put my illustrations.anyway Im very excited about submiting my drawing to the site next week as I promised myself id get back into drawing more often this year.I mean I doodle all the time but never really take time out to just draw.I guess life is way too hectic with work and the kids plus the big kid but I need a bit of ME time.i say that all the time but hey i better do something about it!!!
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