September 19, 2014

off to the beach...and a little Q&A

Tomorrow morning we are off on a long drive to Queensland for a week of 'chill out' time - I cant wait and Im hoping for warm days to relax by the pool and enjoy a little vacation!

The lovely Amanda from Kaleidoscope blog tagged me for a fun Q&A so here are my answers - lets go!
What is your favourite smell?
 I love fresh floral scents, the smell of Jasmine and Honeysuckle stirs up Summer memories. I also love the smell of baked goods – bread, cakes, pastries…the waft of sugar, cinnamon and vanilla in the air – perfect!

Would you rather live on the coast or in the countryside? Why? 
 Can I have both please?! An airy coastal home decorated in pale, soothing, watery tones and furnishings is a dreamy interior inspiration but If I had to choose between the two Id say the Countryside.  As a little girl I was obsessed with ‘Milly Molly Mandy’ and Enid Blyton books so I’ve always had a soft spot for the English countryside - a little character filled cottage on a lonely road with a distant forest, rolling hills and an adorable village down the road - how delightful.

What is your go-to routine to unwind?
Hello Pinterest! This is my go-to for time wasting and stress free activity…I also enjoy reading – books, blogs, online and print articles on many different subjects. I have to include another favourite- enjoying a quick (or leisurely) coffee in a Café is a perfect ‘time out’ for me too…

Indoor or Outdoor? 
I'm an indoor person for sure! I do love the outdoors but only in small doses…being at home is a real treat and I lavish weekends where we have no set plans and I can ponder amongst my things, hang out in my kitchen and organise my home.
What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?
I'm such an optimist! I always see the good in people, some see that as naïve but that’s just the way I'm wired…I have kind things happen to me all the time I'm sure everyone does but sometimes we need to pay attention a little more to see it!

Most prized object (not people)? 
That’s a tricky one – Id have to say our Family photos, so many moments captured - family history, memories, nostalgia…smiles and happy times!

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
I'm a night owl trying to become an early bird – the tables have turned as my work has relocated and I'm now commuting by train, a long commute so I'm in bed earlier and up earlier but I’m really enjoying the early mornings – I feel SO alive!

What do you love most about blogging? 
Feeling connected and inspired…noticing things I would not normally notice in my day and being aware of how amazing life is! I guess for me its my 'happy place' where I can share my inspirations!

If you were to change your name, what would you new name be? Id go for some fancy name like Clémentine (sweet) or Veronique...(sultry)

What is one piece of advice or value that you want to pass on to the next generation? (children, nieces, nephews, friend’s kids) 
Go out and explore - travel far and wide -  I love this 'Never get so busy making a living that your forget to have a life!'

See you in a week friends! i'll still be on Instagram though (cant resist!) so you can follow my adventures there ...

* Image via WithLovefromKat

September 18, 2014

Americana: Choc Chip Cookies

My Kids love choc chip cookies...I bake them often as they never last long in the pantry.  If you do a search online there are SO many different variations and recipes to try.
The recipe I used here was a classic 'Chocolate Chip Cookie' but I added a large tablespoon of Nutella and one of crunchy Peanut Butter into the mix - these two flavours are perfect together!
a twist on a classic.
Next time I'll try a salted chocolate cookie...
Ruth Wakefield who ran The Toll House Inn with her husband,  first created the cookie during the 1930s to serve with tea in the lodge -  it quickly became popular known as 'The Toll House' cookie. She later gave Nestle the rights to her recipe and the name and you can see the original Nestle recipe here 


September 16, 2014

Bobby Pin Pretty...

Hello Pinterest for a little inspiration tonight...

how pretty is this!?
and simple too
The good old fashioned bobby pin in metallic gold (or silver) to decorate your casual updo...
I like it!

Did you know most peeps, me included, use the bobby pin the wrong way?  the longer end should be on top - the shorter end with the grip on the bottom...

more bobby pin tricks

* image via Pinterest via 

September 15, 2014

Spring Fling

With Spring finally here I'm looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors.  Spring always gets me in the mood to 'do' things - spring clean, go on a picnic, visit a new cafe...I thought it was be a nice chance to collaborate with the lovely Catherine and Mel to feature something 'Spring' related on our blogs today.
On Saturday I headed to 'Ramsgate Farmer's market' with my sister.  I love how Farmer's Markets are so popular now, they seem to be popping up in many suburbs each week.   Its not just a trend - I really think people becoming more aware and informed about where their food comes from.  We also want to eat well ...i know I do - more real food! less of processed stuff please!
Not only is visiting the Farmer's Market a chance to shop from local farmers and buy food that is in season, its a perfect way too discover foodies with a real passion, making and selling some interesting and tasty things!
The 'Farmer's Market' has been up and running a few years now - its my sister's local market and everyone seems to know her as she's there every Saturday!
The produce is always excellent, there's the Cheese guy (French and cute!) who also makes the best yoghurt (so good!)  a few butchers, lots of fruit & vegetable stands...there's the juicers and cake bakers. Older locals offering some delicious treats from their homeland and the hipster raw food sellers selling healthy alternatives...oh and great coffee on offer too!
Its a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning - with the warmer weather I hope to visit the Farmer's market more often!

Please go visit Catherine's blog 'FarmHouse Home' and
Mel's blog
'Armoire, Pegs and Casserole' 
to see their Spring inspired blog posts...

Fresh, crisp
Fruit & Veggies in all sorts of wonderful colours!

September 10, 2014

Illustrated: Charlotte Hardy

I'm loving these wonderful 'shop front' paintings by British Artist and illustrator Charlotte Hardy
In a world of large retailers and brand-new shiny Shopping Malls, I think we can all appreciate a high street full of delightful shops...each one side by side ...part of a community...
offering something special,
in its own special way...
To see more of Charlotte's beautiful work, check out her online Gallery 

September 8, 2014

Tropical dreams with Chairish

When the people at Chairish contacted me to create a mood board around one of their cool collection of Accent Chairs, I jumped at the challenge.
Chairish is the perfect online market place to buy and sell one-of-a-kind vintage and preloved furniture - so many unique pieces in all types of styles! Furniture fix anyone?
I went a little Troppo with my choice ...
I decided on the 'Palm Frond print Vintage Barrel Chair' - What a gorgeous chair!
I'm loving the Tropical trend that seems to be everywhere at the moment, its so perfect for warmer days ahead and has a throwback to the groovy 70s...This is what I teamed up!
and pale Mint - all teamed with the vivid lush Green, it works!
 I can just imagine this in a light filled room....the glowing Sunset....Cocktails at 7?

* Asos Dress * Tropical Watercolour art by Fybur * Solid Brass Spark Light via Chairish * Hexagon Coffee Table via Chairish * Glazed Planter by Barruntando *

*this is not a sponsored post and all ideas are my own*

September 3, 2014

a simple snack and a lovely book!

Last week I started commuting to work by train - we've relocated to a new location in a swish newly-built office. Its all very very nice!
Taking public transport has been a change for me after battling peak hour traffic in my trusty little car for the past 12 years but so far so Sydney rail delays (yet!)
I have a long ride each day and I've been catching up on my reading,  by that I mean my book reading.
Actually, I'm impressed that there are lots of book lovers out there - people still engrossed in a good read, not wanting their stop to arrive too soon.  Others read on kindles, notebooks, phones and tablets...a good read and a quiet train trip go hand in hand!
I recently finished 'Afternoons In Ithaka' a memoir by Melbournite and Greek Australian,
Spiri Tsintziras - what a lovely book, such an enjoyable read!
...not only could I relate to her stories seeped in custom, traditions, and delicious food but also of the expectations, the pressures and self discovery...a daughter of Immigrants trying to find her way. At the end of each chapter there is an accompanying recipe and I made this simple snack from one of the recipes.
its the Greek version of Bruschetta!!  Delicious!
Ripe Tomato, crumbled Feta cheese, a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkled dried oregano on good quality bread...Enjoy!