January 30, 2011

Blue, White & Sunlight...
a beautiful guest bedroom in the classic combination
of blue & white

*image by Laura Resen *

January 27, 2011

Happy Skirts

Oh i do love these skirts...
how gorgeous are they?

the lovely Stephanie explained how I can schedule blog posts to a future date (how very clever of Blogger to have this feature that i never knew about!!!)
Thanks Steph!
so I'm posting some Summer inspiration whilst Im away!
(i do hope this works ok?)

...dont these skirts remind you of the lovely wardrobe of Gwyneth Paltrow's character Marge,
in 'The Talented Mr Ripley'

...oh to be in Italy in one of these skirts eating gelato ....dreamy!

* Gorgeous skirts from Adore Vintage - she has some lovely pieces, go see!*

January 25, 2011

A little break....
and today we're off!!
....off to enjoy a short Summer break before school starts for the boys.
I hope to not do too much - lots of relaxation, swimming, long lazy days cuddling with my boys.
Simple pleasures!

*image by Holly Hobbie*

January 22, 2011

A Girl called Jasna....
im looking forward to featuring many more creative girls this year
so lets get started by meeting Jasna,
a talented Croation designer living in Germany.

I met Jasna through flickr where she shares her gorgeous handmade creations - pretty jewellrey, bags, childrens clothes, pouches and
sweet little pin cushions.
Jasna works from home and also shares images of her darling apartment that she lovingly decorates with flea market finds.

So welcome Jasna!

Can you let us know what is currently inspiring you?
im currently inspired by orchids and hyacinths, i love colourful patterns on fabric, cozy homes,
romantic dresses and hippie style.

Name 3 things you couldnt live without right now?
i could not live without my sewing machine, beautiful fabric
and my beads to make jewellery.

Can you define to us, your personal style?
my style is romantic and vintage.
Its a play with colours, patterns and texture.

Do you have a favourite colour?
my favourite colour combination at the moment is lagoon green and old pink mixed
together with gold.

What about a favourite Smell or frangrance? my favourite smell is the fragrance of lime tree flowers which reminds me of Summer.

What do you love about your City?
i like my city because its not to big and i love the big park near my home

to see more of Jasna's
beautiful work head on over to her DaWanda shop where she offers delightful handmade goodies.
You can also connect with her over on Flickr

January 21, 2011

By my bed...
Ive read time and time again that your bedroom should be your private sanctuary and i try really hard to keep ours clutter free.
We have a huge bay window in our bedroom that takes up most of the wall - it lets in the most beautiful morning light and an even stronger afternoon light
so when Im home on my days off or on the weekend, its one of my favourite places to relax and read.

A couple of months ago I bought a stunning photograph print from Ivy's gorgeous etsy shop
I promised Ivy that Id show her once I had it framed...
thought id share it here as well.
i adore peonies and this one is a real beauty!!

January 17, 2011

White rooms
My sister and I were chatting the other day about the colour white in the home.
I always found white to be too stark, too modern...clinical almost
but lately im leaning towards all shades white and feeling this to be the perfect colour base
for any room.

Teamed with height in tall ceilings, large windows to let in all that beautiful nautral light
and colourful accents - be it bright, eccentric or sublte and traditional,
you just cant go wrong.

Gorgeous rooms -see more of Christina D'Ornano's elegant London Townhouse photographed by Simon Upton for Elle Decor

January 15, 2011

Lending a hand...
Ive been glued to the TV in tears the past few days - the Queensland floods have caused so much devastation for our fellow Aussies up north.
People have lost loved ones, their homes...their everything.
i just can't begin to imagine what they must be feeling right now.

Whats so humbling though, as we hear the stories of survival, of loss
is they are ready to start again,
rebuild their little towns, their farms...most are just SO thankful they are alive and thats all that matters.
Whole communities have come together to lend a helping hand, volunteers are plentiful and this makes me SO happy and proud!

The DUST Team (Down Under street team) which im a proud member,
have set up an 'Etsian Australian Flood Appeal' shop - so many wonderful items have been donated.

You can help out by buying a little something
or if you have an Etsy shop you can also donate something - people from all over the world have both bought and donated items!
ALL proceeds go to the Queensland Premier's Relief fund

The BrisStyle Etsy team also has an appeal to help flood victims - go shop for some lovely crafty goodness that gives back.

Motivational art prints by Thinkaboutrainbows

January 11, 2011

My kitchen Rules...Yes it does!
This time last year i put it out there that I hoped 2010 would be the year where we'd find a new dreamy house to move to...sadly that didnt happen (we're still patiently looking)
but in the meantime, i got a new kitchen
- its been a few months now and im still loving it!
I wanted it to be light, bright and a Happy place to hang out and i think we acheived that.

Firstly we didnt plan to change the tiles or the floor ( I wish!) so we had to keep the same
L-shape as the original kitchen.
The only change we did make
was the position of the pantry - the old one was in the far
corner and SO deep that nothing could be reached - it was cluttered and always messy
so I bought the pantry to the front of the room and opened up the back corner - it looks SO much more spacious...
here is the before - not an old kitchen but a little tired and dated...
and here are some pictures of our new kitchen!
and it really makes me happy!!
were awesome!
They organised everything.
Removing the old kitchen,
building a new one,
plumbing and electrician
and caesar stone.
They even ordered our new appliances for us with a higher discount price to what we were quoted - its always good to ask, they have contacts!
For tiles we went with a classic bevelled subway tile in white - we found these at Price Tiles, Leichhardt and Michael of In-Stile Tiling did the amazing tiling work - love my tiles!
So what do you think?
would love to know...
if you have any questions just ask away...
the whole project cost approx $14500 (including appliances) it was a little over budget but we splurged and got caeser stone benchtop which pushed the price up a bit...worth it for sure, its lovely!
i still need an artprint for the back wall and maybe some new canisters or mugs, there's always new & lovely kitchen 'stuff'' to intice!

January 9, 2011

Marking my days...
one thing I look forward to each January, is getting a new Diary for the year!
It just adds to that fresh boost of motivation that a new year brings, dont you think?
The first thing I always do is jot down all the birthdays for friends and family so I dont forget anyone special.
...and slowly slowly my days get filled with things that need to be done, and remembered not only for me but for the boys school and after school activities, family events and catch ups, we're already invited to our 2nd wedding for the year and our friend's baby's baptism next month too...

I also use my email calendar a lot too - i find that very useful but there is nothing like a hardbound diary thats always in my bag and goes where I go.... i do hope this year I can mark off some time for a long vacation (fingers crossed!)

A few weeks back the lovely Gracienne suprised me with a little gift - a gorgeous calendar card set from the talented Catherine Campbell of 'My Folk Lover'.
Its so beautiful...and so is my friend Gracienne - thanks once again sweet girl!
A new diary and a new calendar - a perfect way to mark my days.

January 4, 2011

Bridge of Love
...there's something nostalgic and very romantic about beautiful old bridges,
not only are they a perfect location for a fashion shoot, but they've inspired songs, movies and poems!

people of all walks flock to them...young lovers, artists, families
Famous bridges are on the 'To See' lists of tourists worldwide
(my favourite - Pont Alexandre III, in Paris)
They are the perfect spot to arrange a meet-up (...meet you on the bridge at 5pm)
or for a solo walk where you can stop and linger, feed the ducks then stroll along again

....from one side to another a bridge is perfect uniting spot... I'm sure you have your favourite, if not go find a beautiful one in your city today!

beautiful bridges of Central park
Top image by Olivia Graham photography
Bottom from the Tiffany & Co catalogue ( hubby bought this catalogue home for me - a blue box would have been much nicer, non? ha-ha just kidding...actually when we visited the Tiffany & Co flagship store in NYC, I bypassed the diamonds and headed upstairs to check out the home wares and stationery....)

January 3, 2011

Hello 2011!
Hello everyone...we're already day 3 into a New year and its been non-stop our way. We had such a wonderful New Years Eve and I hope you did too.
...my birthday was also lovely!
thanks SO much for the Birthday wishes, it means so much to me!

Lets welcome this brand New year and see what it unravels for us, hey?

last night i realised that life sure is precious and whats important, really important is sometimes only obvious when there is a painful low, a fear of the unknown, of not being incontrol of being helpless...my 6year old had an incident that required him to be rushed to the childrens hospital, i had to stay home with my eldest who was tossing and turning in his sleep obviously so worried about his little brother and me having to reassure him all will be well when i myself was knotted up and nauseated with worry...Andrew and I kept in touch every hour, my poor little guy prodded and checked over.
He cried a lot I was told and it made me feel worse that I couldnt be there to cuddle him... seven hours later in the wee hours of the morning they came home, safe, sleepy and thankfully all did go well - only then did I relax and breathe out... for that I can be very thankful for.

Today he wanted pankcakes and I was more than happy to make a stack of pancakes with lots of honey and real cream! yum!
Happy Monday - have a fantastic start to your week!!
Im in a hugging mood so ((hugs)) all around!

*image by photographer Kristy Bee - who also has a gorgeous etsy shop too *
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