May 29, 2007

Piles, Bundles and a Little organisation

By the end of most nights my dining room table (and the floor) is full of paper craft scraps, cut outs and I have sticky glue residue on my fingers. Last night was no exception but I have little bundles of ATCs and tags to show for it so its all worth it right?!
Some doodle ATCs for a swap, Tags for a trade with Jessica and Tea themed ATCs for another swap - I painted my paper with tea and coffee for an aged effect.
I still need to complete one more ATC for Bonnie!

Its so weird now as I just cant sit and watch TV anymore - I have to be doing something else as well otherwise its wasted time for me!!
Life is hectic enough so I don’t know why I make it worse but crafting is an outlet for me, it’s my ‘ME’ time, I just love to zone out and see what comes out of it!

A few of you have commented on where I get the time to do everything but I usually sit down to create or draw once my boys are in bed at 8.00pm, I then clear up the kitchen - if my sink is clean and clear of dirty dishes then I’m one happy girl! And off I go…
Andrew usually works on his laptop or watches TV nearby and most nights he is snoring by 9.30pm! Ha-ha poor darling!
After putting in 12hrs at the office I don’t blame him but me… well I’m a bit of a night owl…always have been. If I have my late night cup of tea and my craft goodies nearby I’m happy to stay up until very late!!
I’ve also been reading quite a bit before bedtime too – I just finished ‘The Kite Runner’ which I loved and have now passed onto my man!!! I’m now reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ which I’ve been speeding through – such a great book which suprisingly I had never ever read!!!

On the weekend I bought some great frames for my art prints - most will go in the formal living room as I plan to rearrange a few things.
Michelle Caplan collages - how handsome is 'The Italian' below....
'Tea Affair' by my good bloggy pal Vanessa and cute girls by Christina of Jam Fancy
My Sofia Barro print also arrived - its bewdifful!!!! will need proffessional framing as I cant find a frame that size!

Tomorrow Im off to the hospital for my oral surgery – Ive got my little overnight bag packed and ready to go!!
Hope it all goes Ok!!!???
Have a great week everyone!

May 26, 2007

Just a Kid

My son Peter has a really large poster of Homer Simpson near his bed. I cant stand it as its a real eyesore!
He doesnt even watch the Simpsons but when the poster came free with the daily newspaper he demanded it go up in his room.
Whenever I sweetly suggest we take it down he starts crying! Im
such a mean mummy......................

I recently bought some
'Small People' postcards from Marianne
and I plan to frame some for one of the walls in their room. I must admit not having done much in their room, it still looks quite baby-ish although they're growing up super fast!!
Maybe I should show him some nicer alternatives...

I love these movie Posters from 'Jacques Tati' films
Babar the Elephant was
a favourite of mine

Pirate Boy is
super! what little boy doesnt pretend he is a pirate. This piece is by Amy Alexander at GeorgieLove

I recently found
MillyMollyMandy etsy shop - I love Mandy's illustrations. This one is my favourite, maybe not for my boys but Id be happy with that over my bed!

May 24, 2007

Illustration Friday - Signs

My sketch this week is about the Signs of aging

We scrutinize our face for all the little signs. The Beauty industry is booming, advertisers make us believe that if we buy their products then miracles will happen and sadly we do get sucked in. Then we have this crazy obsession about not getting old, people are rushing to get botox, fillers, peels and ...gulp.... face lifts! What next!?

May 22, 2007

Honey Balls anyone??

The Wine festival was a great success…lots of people gathered and I was really surprised at all the free wine! Usually when you have wine tasting they give you a little cup and a teeny tiny taste – well not at this festival!
They were filling the cups right up…I guess it’s the Greek way of life - good wine, plenty of food , lots of music and dance and their happy!

I found a recipe online at Burek boy for the honey balls (locoumades) and his method with pics is here. My mother in law adds mashed potato to hers for extra crunch!

Some young kids danced the traditional folk dances. The Water Jug dance is cute! It potrays village life where the young girls would go down to the local spring to fill their ceramic jugs. The local village boys would follow them and flirt which the girls would ignore of course until one of the boys causes the girl to break her jug, he then presents her with some flowers and a new jug and all is well again. The other dance is the 'Sieve dance' using the olf fashioned sieves that every household would have.
He places two small glasses filled with brandy and dances them around up and over his head, the movements so fast that nothing ever falls...not one drop of Brandy!!

The traditional costumes in the pictures are what people used to wear everyday. I have a great picture of my grandfather Solomos and his brothers all wearing their Vrakas (pants) and knee high boots! I might have to show you one day!

May 19, 2007

Paper fun!
Say hi to Lila, my first ever Paper Art doll...she was fun to make and has moveable elbows and knees just so she can dance and stretch! too cute! I got to use some of my vintage trimming for her party dress...aint she pretty...
She is on her way to the USA now...

So yesterday I had my appointment with the mouth surgeon and the tooth that lost its way and embedded itself in my gum has got to go!! Im bummed about that but hey its the only way if Im ever going to get these braces on so
Im booked in for surgery on the 30th May! As the doctor was talking I was thinking to myself ...' Hmmm but the Papercraft festival is on the
1st June.' ...crafting or surgery??
I know what Id prefer to do but its got to be done sooner than later I guess and I'll be all puffed up and seeping blood from the mouth....not a good look !! Its an overnight stay and I should be back to normal within a week. Looks like I'll be living on liquids or soggy food for a bit...yum, love my soup!

To perk me up a bit I bought this book,
love it!! beautiful pictures, makes you want to pack up and move to Italia and drink espresso all day long....Crustation blogged about the author a while back, its a great book - check it next time you're in a bookstore!

Tommorow we are going to the annual Wine Festival at the Cypriot club. My mother in law volunteers in the womans committee and we promised her we'd go so it will be a day of eating souvalki, honey balls and taste testing wine...hope the weather holds out and I can take lots of photos!
Have a fun weekend everyone....

Some ATCs I made!

May 17, 2007

Illustration Friday - Citrus

Almost didnt make it this week - I was kind of stuck what to draw! anyway I did this whilst watching 'Lost' and 'Amazing Race'

"Oranges and lemons," rang the bells of St Clemens. "You owe me three farthings!" rang the bells of St. Martin's. "When will you pay me?", rang the Bells of St. Davey. "When I grow rich!", rang the Bells of Shoreditch

May 15, 2007

Playing with Tags....

I love this paper collage image that I found ages ago in French Elle D├ęcor...what a great mix of colour!!!
the other day I came across this amazing picture by Eclectic Gypsyland via
Gypsy Purple - love that bedroom!!!!

I got totally inspired to make these collage tags for Raesha’s tag swap. I cut all the papers into tiny squares in all different sizes and then glued randomly onto craft paper. Once it was dry I then glued my tags onto the paper and then cut them out - I like the effect...little shabby paper quilts.

More tags that Im sending for the swap!

May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!!

Hope all the mothers are having a great day!!
Just got back from a lovely lunch with my parents....the boys are now having a nap then we're off to my inlaws for roast dinner!

Here is my mum. Love her to bits although she drives me crazy gentle soft spoken mother here - she's strong, loud and demanding, if you upset her she'll go on and on for days, she's a perfectionist, an excellent seamstress and homemaker although not too traditional (my dad does ALOT!) but I wouldnt have it any other way! I look upto her and love her for who she is....hey when Im 50 she'll be 68! how cool is that....Two days ago she rolled off her fitness ball and hurt her hip....thats all we heard about at lunch today sister and I couldnt stop smirking! Love you mum!!

" A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in or the kind of car I drove....but the world may be a different because I was important in the life of a child"

May 11, 2007

Fashion Fantasy....+ 7 things

Cotton-tulle-and-eyelet gown by Dolce & Gabbana
The price of this dress can get you a 10% down payment on a brand new swish Sydney apartment. Hmmm...maybe this news is all too much, she needs to go upstairs for a lie down?

Her outfit might be a little bland for some although I could total wear this look, but look at those doors!!

like me, I know a few of my favourite bloggers love the beauty in old decaying buildings - stunning!
A good look for a hot blind date? Non?

I had to get the April issue of US Elle just for this floral layout! love it!! Bad hair day sweetheart?

Cruststation and
Meet me at Mikes
tagged me to list 7 random lists like these!!

ok here goes....

1) When I was 3 I put a bead up my nose and pushed it so high up that I had to go to hospital to have it removed.

2) I have over 500 clippings of Helena Christensen...before you think 'Freak! Stalker!' it was early 90's and everyone was into the supermodel thing and hey I was a huge fan. I dont collect anymore nor do I need them but Id never throw them or give them away.

3) I love pharmacies....first thing I do when im in a new city, town or country i have to find a pharmacy! love going through the shelves finding interesting products and packaging! After I had my eldest Peter I fell in love with 'Mustela' baby products.....last year when we were in Cyprus I couldnt believe how cheap they were so I stocked up!

4) When I was 8 I was hit by a car, no damage to me or the car, but as soon as I got up my grandfather Kosta slapped me across the face, he said it was to ensure I wouldnt stay in shock! Huh?!!
the slap made me cry more than the incident.
(me at 9mnths with my Pappou Kosta)

5. I love to cook and bake but hate making dinner....sounds weird but just the thinking of what to cook with what ingrediants you have and planning, preparing shopping lists.....its all so tiring sometimes!

6. Navy Blue is my favourite colour!

7. I had one and a half wedding dresses made...the first one wasnt working out so I just told her to stop...I cried for 2 days then got over the fact I wasted $800 on Italian silk lace and fabric and ended up with a new design and a new designer! and before you think I was a Bridezilla ...she had no idea what she was doing!! really!!
It was a splendid day apart from Andrew getting faint at the alter...(home funny videos moment) no, not from seeing me but from not eating all day mixed in with nerves after the service we went and had burgers and coke at a nearby cafe......

oh and I'll add one more....Im quite shy, maybe I dont come across that way (how do i come across???) but I am....

Im tagging
Jo, Cindy, Kandeedo, Paula, Shae, Veronica, Melissa

May 10, 2007

Illustration Friday - Neighbours

Peter's so lucky to have little Christopher as our neighbour, he's a year older and they love to communicate through the fence especially on the weekend when we're all home. They come round we go over to their house, we have Barbeques in Summer, they play, they fight over toys but when its snack time they're just happy to be together.

On our other side live an elderly couple who are just as lovely. Every Tuesday after the garbage men come by they'll roll my garbage bin and my recycleables bin back inside my driveway, such a nice gesture. They have a beachside holiday home so are away alot but every now and then Maria will come over for some tea, she's so sweet and polite but when Im out putting my washing on the line I can sometimes hear her giving her husband a good telling off haha....

May 8, 2007

Stop! Crazy woman on the road....

That was me this morning, rushing to get to work!
I woke up SO late after spending most of the night ironing. I refuse to iron more than once a week even though my pile is never ending....
Thank you for all your lovely comments and for totally understanding my desire for another baby but really I wonder, would I cope? I have a hard time juggling everything and Im super lucky to have lots of support in my man, mum and mother in law...its nice to dream and ponder though and anyway who knows? Im only 36! knowing my luck my eggs would go crazy and Id end up with triplets?!?
So I dropped the boys off at my mums in their pyjamas this morning (no time to dress them) with a bag full of clothes and at 9.05am I get a call at work
from my mum that I forgot to pack Peter some jeans so the poor darling was in pyjama bottoms all day...sigh...oh well, if this is one of my bad mummy moments then Im fine with that!

Do you like my vintage babies? one is staying with me and her sister is flying over the pacific to a blogging friend who Im sure will take care of her.
I found them at The Rozelle Flea Market on Sunday....i love going through peoples things...especially just never know what you'll find at the bottom!
I bought some old lace ribbons and scraps and lots of plastic cameo ladies and buttons, some music paper and vintage booklets - love the fonts on the lettering!!
a quick sketch of buttons and toffees.
have a FAB day!!

May 6, 2007

Tickled Pink!!

Finished some pink ATCs for a 'pink pink and more pink' swap.
I think Im hooked on ATCs - they are so fun to make!

I think the pink theme rubbed off as this morning my good friend Patty who is also my Neo's godmother had a baby girl, welcome little Aerial!
very exciting as we were all convinced she was having a boy again.
Im a little jealous too as Id love to have a baby girl and Im still not sure if my baby making days are over... I know Andrew isnt keen on a third child but when I see a newborn my heart still yearns for another little one....then I think what if we do and its another boy? I know that would be a blessing but is it so wrong for me to dream of a little girl?

May 3, 2007

LoveSeat Love....

I love the look of these upholstered love-seat sofas. They create such an opulent feeling especially when the fabric has a lovely texture and the silvery gray brocade and bubble gum pink velvet for a little girl's room. My house was built in the 30's and although the back of the house has been renovated into a open plan family room/kitchen, which is very popular now, we kept one of the front rooms as our formal living room. I feel kind of sad for this room as no one enjoys it, I sometimes go in to have a quiet read but generally Im only in there to dust and clean up. Anyway Ive been thinking about changing things around in the formal room, it could do with a little pick me up, a new lamp or print maybe?

I spotted this limited print by Sofia Barao in her etsy store...I think that would look beautiful in there. How pretty!!

I love Carolina Herrera Jr's loveseat as seen in an old issue of Domino. She said she found it on Ebay and had it shipped to her apt in Madrid!
The Herrera girls are super stylish!

I had to share this cool image my neighbour emailed me!
how clever is this ad!!
Tres chic!

May 2, 2007

Illustration Friday - Remember
Can you remember when.....
* Twirling around until you were dizzy was SO much fun
*Long hot summers meant being outdoors all day playing and looking for adventure
* favourite TV shows were shows like 'The Brady Bunch' and 'Gilligan's Island'
* When a McDonalds 'Big Mac' burger was so big you couldnt finish it?
* You believed in the World of magic and make believe....
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